Advent of Code 2020: Day 1

This is my solution to the Advent of Code 2020 Day 1 Problem.


Advent of Code 2020 just kicked off today, and it’s a series of challenges that are released daily during December for programmers and problem solvers to tackle and try to solve. I have never done it before; I just heard about it a few weeks ago and attempted some of the previous challenges to get a feel for it.

Some people use Advent of Code to train for programming interviews and competitions, but others do it to become more adept at a language or have some fun and work on problem solving skills. I fall in the ‘become more adept’ category, and I want to use this to become better acquainted with Rust. I have done some projects in Rust, but I still want to do more with it.

The Synopsis

Each day in December until Christmas, a new programming challenge is released to many hungry programmers, and we all attempt to solve it.

CLICK HERE to read about the challenge for Day 1!

My Solution